Where are  YOUR  Veggies Coming From?

    Seems like more and more vegetables are being grown out of our country.  I was surprised the other day to see frozen, organic Broccoli at Walmart that was grown in China!  So, how can a consumer be sure that those vegetables are really organic?  To whom are those farms accountable, and who checks to make sure they are not using chemical pesticides, herbicides, etc? Those are viable questions.                                                                                                  You can feel confident that the veggies grown on our farm, right here in Oklahoma, are indeed Certified Organic by the OK Dept. of Agriculture.  There is a lot of criteria that we must meet before having that certification.  Yes, it does cost us more than if we were not certified, but we feel it is worth it to give our customers peace of mind.  Our certifiers do a great job and have your interest in mind.  Can we say the same thing about China, Mexico, Chile?  It is worth thinking about.                                                                                                 – Nanette