sweet potato farm oklahoma

Acadian Family Farm

   Acadian Family Farm is located in Caddo County, near Fort Cobb, Oklahoma.   The farm is owned and operated by us – Rod and Nanette Ardoin.  All of our 80 acres are Certified Organic with O.D.A.F.F. (Oklahoma Dept. of Agriculture, Food & Forestry).  We grow beautiful, gourmet-style, seasonal vegetables.  Sweet Potatoes are our specialty, and we grow three different varieties: traditional Orange, Japanese Murasaki and White.  We only sell what we grow and have over 30 years growing experience.
   So, what is an “Acadian”?  They are the descendants of the 17th century French colonists who settled in Acadia, Canada.  They later resettled in a region of Louisiana now referred to as Acadiana and were known for their small, self-sufficient farms.  That is our heritage.  We are both originally from southwest Louisiana and are of French descent.  Rod says that farming is in his blood. 
   It is our passion to provide our customers with healthy, delicious vegetables.

organic sweet potato farm oklahomaOur Sweet Potatoes and seasonal vegetables can be found at the following stores:  

Natural Grocers (OKC, Norman & Edmond), Uptown Grocers (OKC} and Dodson’s Health Foods (Norman).   We welcome inquiries and invite you to try our Sweet Potatoes and other vegetables and taste the difference. 

 Storing Sweet Potatoes in shed to cure. Cured Sweet Potatoes are sweeter and bake better.  Starches turn to sugar in storage.
sweet potato farm oklahoma
Unloading Sweet Potatoes from digger