Smothered Southern Turnips:  (I never liked turnips until I had them cooked like this in a little restaurant in the mountains of Tennessee.  They were cooked on the sweet side, and I’ve loved them ever since!)

4-5 small-med. Turnips (or 3-4 med.-large)

2 T. Olive Oil or Bacon Drippings (adds more flavor)

1/2 C. chopped yellow onion

1 T. Sugar (to start)

1/2 C. Water

Salt & Pepper

Wash and trim turnips and peel.  In a thick-bottomed skillet add oil or bacon drippings.  Add onions and cook over low-med heat till tender.  Meanwhile, chop turnips in medium-sized pieces.  Add to onions.  Season with salt and pepper.  Add sugar and stir in water.  Cover and cook on low heat till fork tender and translucent.  Don’t let them dry out; add a little more water as needed so that they stay very moist.  (Some turnips are stronger-tasting than others and may need extra sweetener)  Adjust seasonings as necessary, if desired, and serve.