Squash Blossom Recipe

Squash Flower in bloom

There’s been lots of interest lately in our Squash Blossoms at the Farmers’ Market. At the OSU/OKC Farmers’ Market, a lot of people never got to see them as they were selling out so fast to the chefs right when the market opened.

The big question that I hear over and over is, “how do you cook them?” Here is a link to a good Italian recipe where they are stuffed with Ricotta Cheese:

So get some of our Certified Organic Squash Blossoms and hurry before the season is over; the first frost will bring them to an end.

Here are some more Squash Blossom recipes especially for Farmers’ Market finds:

Bon appetit!

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Cajun eggplant recipe

Our beautiful Black Eggplant

Well, lots of folks at the farmers’ market on Saturday morning have been asking me how to cook Eggplant. I wanted to find you a good Cajun recipe because I figured if you cook up something that tastes good you might come back for more. Besides that, why not cook up something that will be an accomplishment for you. Now if you’re curious about this restaurant that gave the recipe, it’s in Lafayette, Louisiana, which is considered the Cajun capital of Louisiana. If you go through Louisiana and want to stop to eat there, be careful, ’cause your foot might start tapping, cause I believe they have nightly Cajun bands. Here you go, folks, straight from Randals’ in Lafayette Louisiana

Bon Appetit,

Rod Ardoin

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The Hairy Bikers’ Visit to our Farm (they called it “Rod’s Farm”)

Back in the Spring,, the famous “Hairy Biker” Chefs from England traveled the iconic Route 66 from one end to the other. Our farm, Acadian Family Farm, affectionately known in their show as “Rod’s farm” was chosen to be one of their stops. Nanette and I had a lot of fun working with the two chefs. They were really down to earth guys and not afraid to get their hands dirty. The Hairy Bikers parked their motorcycles and rode our transplanter to learn how sweet potatoes are planted. They also cooked up a great sweet potato dessert in Nanette’s farm kitchen.

Their program about Route 66 will begin broadcasting in England September 12 at 8 pm.

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