I can’t help but feel a little like St. Nick distributing all my Thanksgiving sweet potatoes. They have been delivered to the various stores, and waiting to be a part of your Thanksgiving meal. In a way, Thanksgiving embodies a lot of what we stand for around here. During the growing season, I take my responsibility in obedience to G-d to raise them in a way that will do you no harm. We only use inputs that are approved for certified organic use. The organic standards that we follow are, to my knowledge, the best around as of now. No herbicide has been used; all weeding is done with cultivators, a hoe and by hand. This is a lot of expense that chemical farmers don’t have. At the end of the day, I can feel that I’ve done right by you. Some of the customers that buy from me at the farmers’ markets have some real health problems. I want to be part of making their life better. Knowing many of them personally makes me feel my responsibility even more. When you give thanks to G-d this Thanksgiving, I would feel good if our sweet potatoes were on your table. They could be part of your family tradition. Last year at this time I had a very special guest visit me at the OSU/OKC Farmers’ Market, Suzy Amis Cameron. She is a movie star (Titanic) and is an OKC native. They even put me in a picture with her in the Oklahoman. She gave me an autographed copy of her book on the plant-based diet, OMD. See pictures and read more at the following linkhttps://oklahoman.com/gallery/articleid/5617752