Seems to be some interest in food storage right now, so I wanted to mention how sweet potatoes can be stored long term. Sweet potatoes technically are considered a storage root. Their optimal storage temperature is 55 degrees, on the low side and 60 degrees on the high side. Sweet potatoes should never be allowed to fall below 55 degrees because internal damage is accumulative and will show up later. The other temperature side, over 60, will not cause damage, only sprouting. You can keep them at room temperature at 72 with no problem if you like, just watch for sprouting and break them off. Once sweet potatoes are washed their shelf life goes down. For long term storage at our farm, it’s best to leave the dirt on and wash as we ship out. If the need arises for long term food storage, our Vegetable club/CSA members could request that we leave them unwashed. These could last into the summer, depending on temperature and humidity. Our 5 lb. bag size will be convenient for this.