The other day my wife sent me to the store with a grocery list, a big list, in my opinion. It was also a big store with too many aisles. In fact, it was too much for me, sorta like looking for needles in hay stacks. I think maybe the big stores are like Tom Sawyer and con us into doing work they should be doing. No sir, grocery shopping is not for me (now if it was Bass Pro or Cabellas I might could force myself to endure it). It was then and there in that grocery store that I had an epiphany. I realized that the husbands of the wives in our Veggie Club had a much better deal, compared to the poor men whose wives send them to search the aisles of big grocery like a ghost wandering the earth with no abode. In our club, I tell the misses online what’s ready in the field, she chooses online what she would like that week, then we harvest it per her order. It’s delivered fresh the next day to her drop-off site, and all hubby has to do is pick it up, ready to go! Then he can be about loftier pursuits. Join now at the following link

Check our previous post about how to sign up.

Farmer Rod