We are in the middle of our Sweet Potato harvest

right now, so all of our Sweets will be new crop

this month. We will have the traditional Orange,

White & Japanese Murasaki varieties available,

all Certified Organic. We hope you will grab

a few bags for cooking and giving this

Thanksgiving season.  They are available at                               

Natural Grocers, Green Acres,

and Homeland (Yukon & N. May in OKC).

   I also added a Gluten-free, Oatmeal Sweet Potato Pancake recipe on the Recipe Page, as I know there are many people now who are having to eat gluten-free – I being one of them. Pancakes are a real comfort food for me, and I enjoy them as much for supper as for breakfast.  These pancakes have a Fall spice flavor, so they will be yummy for this season.                                                                          Have a Blessed Thanksgiving!