What a lovely time of year!  Cool, crisp days, and that means more energy to work and play!   We are right in the middle of our 2016 Sweet Potato Harvest.  This is a busy time for us, as there is only a short time till freezing weather comes, and we want to make sure we get all of our good Sweet Potatoes out of the ground. So it is rush, rush, rush!!

   2015 was our first year to grow and harvest White Sweet Potatoes.  They did very well, so this year we planted more.  Some people, it seems, prefer a Sweet Potato that isn’t quite so sweet, and the White fits that bill.  It looks so much like a spud potato that it easily can be substituted for them in stews, fries or other potato dishes.

   This year is our first year to grow and harvest the Japanese Murasaki Sweet Potatoes.  They are very sweet, like our Red & Orange varieties.  They are a dark maroon color on the outside and white on the inside.  Unfortunately they do not produce as much per acre as our other varieties, so we will have to charge more for them to come out :(.  Pick up some of our Sweet Potatoes and make your family a treat this week.  You don’t have to wait for Thanksgiving!