The AFF Veggie Club is a one-of-a-kind CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) experience that combines to benefits of a CSA with the flexibility of a Farmer’s Market.

Club members get first pick of the harvest, plus…

  • Free pickup at one of these sites
  • Contactless pickup upon request (FREE!)
  • Our promise that your veggies are harvested within 24-hours of your pickup
  • Flexible buying
    • No recurring payments or automatic charges
    • You choose what is in your order
    • You choose what is in your order
  • Exclusive access to our secure online ordering and payment portal
  • NEW Members Only holiday sweet potato sales


Membership details

New members: sign up here, then add the 2021 Membership to your cart. Once we verify your information and confirm that you’re within our service area, you will be emailed an invoice.

Existing (2020) members: login here and purchase their 2021 Membership at any time.

New and existing members: After paying for your membership through the emailed invoice, you’re able to begin placing weekly orders. To help ensure our transportation costs are covered, please observe our $16 minimum per order.

Click here to view order deadlines or pick-up times and locations.


About the membership fee

The first thing you’ll do as one of our customers is purchase your annual membership. We get a lot of questions about this fee from both existing and new customers.

To join other CSAs, it costs about $300, but don’t require such a steep up-front commitment. We also won’t require you to order every week or automatically bill you for an order you don’t place. That’s how we’re different.

The $30 registration fee covers administrative costs to operate the e-commerce (ordering) section of our website. After that, all you will ever pay for is the actual produce you order from us, only when you order it.



We love to hear from our customers and potential customers. Never hesitate to call or email!

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