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CSA/Veggie Club Membership Advantage

You could say that being a member of our CSA/Veggie Club is like getting a favored status around here on the farm. Whenever we have special limited items, our club members are the first to be offered those. You will feel like you have your own personal gardener who grows beautiful varieties of gourmet-type veggies selected for taste especially for you! Everything that we offer is raised by us here on the farm using certified organic methods. All of our vegetables are soil-grown, and we work hard to enrich the soil’s biological activity by turning under cover crops each year. We start the plants in our greenhouse about this time each year. Then we plant, weed and water, always keeping your health in mind, using growing methods, from start to finish, that’s in accord with nature. Maybe you don’t have an adequate gardening spot or enough time or know-how to grow your own garden. The good news is, we can grow it for you! You order online, we harvest it fresh and deliver it to your pick-up location the following day.

If you choose to pick up at our farmers market location, there is no pressure to arrive early to get the things you want before they are picked over. Your order is put aside and kept cool in an ice chest and will be in perfect condition when you arrive. You can sleep late or do something you’ve been wanting to get done. Or you can have your husband stop by and pick your order up ready to go.

This year our club will run from mid-April until mid-November. Enrollment is now open! It is a big help to us if you register early so that we can know how many members to plant for. If you register before Valentine’s Day (Feb. 14), you can come free with your spouse to our organic gardening class held on the farm in the Spring!You can order now at the following link: .

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Place your order and we do the rest.

The other day my wife sent me to the store with a grocery list, a big list, in my opinion. It was also a big store with too many aisles. In fact, it was too much for me, sorta like looking for needles in hay stacks. I think maybe the big stores are like Tom Sawyer and con us into doing work they should be doing. No sir, grocery shopping is not for me (now if it was Bass Pro or Cabellas I might could force myself to endure it). It was then and there in that grocery store that I had an epiphany. I realized that the husbands of the wives in our Veggie Club had a much better deal, compared to the poor men whose wives send them to search the aisles of big grocery like a ghost wandering the earth with no abode. In our club, I tell the misses online what’s ready in the field, she chooses online what she would like that week, then we harvest it per her order. It’s delivered fresh the next day to her drop-off site, and all hubby has to do is pick it up, ready to go! Then he can be about loftier pursuits. Join now at the following link

Our previous post gives more detail about joining the club.

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Health Issues and our Veggie Club

Several of our customers at the farmers markets are restricted to certain kinds of vegetables because of different health conditions they have. I would like to explain here how you can use our online ordering system without having to purchase vegetables that don’t fit into your diet.

Our CSAware ordering system starts out with a $30 box value (a default value). We do our best to keep each item priced the same as our farmers market prices. Each item online has its own price. So, let’s say there are 4 items listed in the default box that you can’t use for your diet. You would just remove them. CSAware then takes that extra cash and puts it in a cash account for you to spend later. You can spend as little as $18, if you like. You don’t lose a penny and your money is there for the next week. Another option is to add extra items that you CAN eat. You are only limited by availability.

You can also choose to receive a bi-weekly box, however, you could miss something really good that will be harvested for only one week. Lastly, if there’s nothing listed that suits your special diet, you can put your box on hold that week. You see, our CSA/Veggie Club can actually work fine for people with health challenges. All of our vegetables are fresh-picked and delivered the next day. You can have confidence that they are all Certified Organic and have had no chemicals sprayed on them that could aggravate your health condition. Sign up now at the following link and attend our organic gardening class free!


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2020 Vegetable Club

Well, we’ve turned the corner into a new year when optimism flows deep. One of my main goals for the new year is to find out what you, our customers, need and what we can do to make your life better and healthier.

I imagine you’re like me and can become easily bored with your healthy diet. That’s why we promote seasonal eating. Why not make healthy vegetable choices from what’s in season right here in Oklahoma. We strive to provide you with local, gourmet-type, certified organic vegetable choices. Our CSA/Vegetable Club is different than most out there. We give you real choices ever week. I list online, on our private member-only portal, what’s available in the field. You then choose what you want, and it is then harvested fresh to order the day before your delivery. Our enrollment in this unique, healthy eating option is now open! As a benefit to those who sign up early, you can come free to our organic gardening class held in early Spring on our farm. Follow the link: to our online store and enroll now while there are still openings.

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